Bow Down Staff Profiles

Dennis DeYoung

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Dennis is our resident marketing guru and spirit animal. Dennis loves yacht rock with a progressive twist, lead dives through the A gap, and Kent. In addition to this site and Twitter, you can find Dennis on the TSIO podcast and wherever fine craft cocktails are served.


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Airwolf is straight out of the 80s. Is he the pilot or the artificially intelligent aircraft itself? Nobody knows!

Enjoys "crunching the numbers", self-congratulatory photographs of things he has cooked, and long walks for perspective.

Chest Andersen

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Chest is neither a "grey beard" nor a Millennial, he is like the middle child of the BDTW family. May or may not have been sanctioned for stalking Kaleb McGary.

You can hear him (ranting occasionally) on the Husky Fan Podcast.

Data Dawg

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Data Dawg is just a good pup with a passion for data visualization. He calls them "vizzes", but we forgive him. 

He enjoys barking at ducks and will never cry after playing in the snow.

Suburban Kodak

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Suburban Kodak was born with Husky blood coursing through his veins, despite being a native Oregonian. Kodak is a recruiting expert and film savant. He also know, played college football.

Jay Gladstone

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Despite being a Millennial who came up during the bad times, Glad is literally one of the biggest Husky fans walking this Earth. Currently a resident of the Bay Area, Glad is also a tech bro and SEO warfare 5⭐️General.

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